Ucut Launch Giveaway 🚀

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Ucut Launch Giveaway 🚀

To celebrate the launch of Ucut, we have decided to run a giveaway to be won by one lucky Ucut member. The winner of this huge giveaway will be able to book a free Ucut every month for 6 months. After not being able to get freshened up by skilled professionals for so long, we want one of you to enjoy this for free, for the next 6 months in a more convenient way than ever before, delivered. We will provide the winner with a voucher each month which will be used to pay the Pro they choose.


We are running the giveaway on both Instagram and Facebook. So make sure you enter on both channels to double your chances of winning the amazing prize. While we may not yet have Pros in your area, you can use the prize when we do. Currently, we have Pros in Dublin, Cavan and Roscommon, so if you live in any of these places you can make use of the voucher as soon as we launch.


Head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages and enter to give yourself a chance of winning.