Ucut and Pinglocker Partnership

Ucut and Pinglocker Partnership

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Pinglocker to provide on demand services to homes in Dublin. Pinglocker provide these services for www.qquarter.com and www.bridgefieldapartmentsapp.ie residents. Residents of these fantastic residencies will have access to Ucut Pros directly from the Pinglocker app. This will offer the residents easy access to the greatest convenience there is, and it will also provide barbers with a customer base at their feet.

This is very exciting because of the opportunity it brings for us and our Pros. Our digital marketing team is devoted to keeping barbers busy, so this is a big boost to those efforts. We will continue our work in providing the platform for freelance barbers to go out and be successful. This is our mission, to make it an industry with more accessible opportunities for everyone.

If you are a barber considering testing the freelance world, or if you own a barbershop and want to provide haircuts delivered, you can do this in the first two months of our launch. Be one of the first 20 to apply and be accepted, and you can use Ucut as you please at no charge. We will only be charging on processing card payments during this period. If you need reminding of what we offer, it is a a stream of customers, bookings management, processing of online payments and much, much more. So, go apply, theres not many places left.

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