The Ucut Way – Haircuts in Strange Locations

The Ucut Way – Haircuts in Strange Locations

We came across a few enjoyable images online of folks doing things the Ucut way. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, getting a haircut outside of a barbershop was something that rarely ever happened for the majority of us. Since the closing of the barbershops and salons, we have all had to think outside the box, trying to keep ourselves presentable in some way. These fellas have been outside that box long before the rest of us.


We’re not too sure where this is but it definitely isn’t a barbershop. It looks like it’s in a garage of some sort with a make-shift mirror and table for the barbers tools. It proves there are no limits on where you can get a chop, have a look at the others.







This is our favourite, these pair of bucks are in a forest? I can’t imagine too many Ucuts will be done in forests but it still backs up our point, there are no limits.







This one is a bit of inspiration for all of you Pros who want to set up shop in your home instead of being mobile, although we would advise not wearing a tank top and to cover the customer with an apron.







This is the Ucut way and we are looking forward to seeing more images like these across the country after July 20th.

Join the Ucut Movement, it’s a better way.