The Story Of Ucut

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The Story Of Ucut


Over the past few years, bookings have become the norm in barbershops. This has made the trip to the local barbershop at lot less stressful. There’s no more queuing for hours on end, squashed beside five or six other lads and girls, scrolling through your Instagram feed wondering if you will ever be seen to. Now, you pick a time, your preferred barber and it is convenience at its finest. After a while of enjoying the new norm in barbershops we began to wonder if things could be made even better. Would it be possible to go through that same convenient process with an added sprinkle of comfort, with your favourite barber coming to you?


After doing our research and speaking to barbers and potential customers we realised the demand was there from both sides. So, we decided to dig deeper. We began to weigh up the benefits of being an employee in a shop against a freelance barber with access to a large audience of paying customers, and the difference surprised us.


The average wage of a barber in Ireland is €10.08 an hour, an individual could charge at least double this per cut and with your average man now having beard trims and extra services done the potential earnings for the barber are huge. With a steady flow of customers through our platform, barbers could enjoy twice or three times above the average weekly wage. With the cost of owning a business space now double what it was ten years ago due to rent, along with the electricity, water, cleaning, salaries, marketing campaigns, etc it could be an easier life for some shop owners or at least give them a chance to make added revenue after hours to help their business. That’s when we realized an online community, dedicated to making this a reality would benefit both the barber and the client.


This is why Ucut was founded. It was founded for the benefit of the industry as a whole, for both young aspiring barbers and long-established shop owners. Equally as important, it benefits the client, by eradicating all limits. We’ve all been forced to go out on a Friday night with a messy mop because work was so busy you didn’t have time for a chop. With Ucut, you only need 30 minutes, during one of those weekdays to let a Ucut Pro visit your office or workplace to give you what you need. You might be thinking that would be too messy, but each and every Ucut Pro are experts in keeping it tidy! They lay a large cloth under your chair and tidy up after your cut, with a commitment to our ‘Leave no Hair Behind’ mentality. There are so many situations where Ucut can add value to people’s lives, in the office, at your home, at your workplace, at the nursing home and so much more. So, help us build this community and make this service accessible to everyone in Ireland.



Joint the Ucut Movement. It’s a better way.