Nadine Claffey Premium Haircare Delivered

Nadine Claffey Premium Haircare Delivered

We are excited to announce that the wonderfully talented Nadine Claffey is now ready to take bookings. Nadine specialises in premium haircare and making her clients dream look, become a reality. Now, thanks to Ucut, you can enjoy the luxury Nadine provides in the comfort of your own home.

You only have to take a look at Nadine’s profile gallery to see how talented she is. With her versatile skill set she can cater to anyones style needs. Nadine also understands the importance of safety given the current climate, we have discussed in depth how to ensure our clients safety. We wrote a blog on the measures we are taking a while back, see here.

Read on to get a run through of the service we are offering. Use our easy and straightforward booking system below to secure a spot. You can also book Nadine directly from her profile page. Once the booking is confirmed, Nadine will arrive at your home at the time arranged. Nadine will have all the necessary PPE, she will wear sanitised gloves and a mask. She will discuss with you where best to carry out the haircut in your home and then listen carefully to your style requests. There will be no time limit on any booking to take the stress of Nadine and allow her to focus on getting your style exactly as you imagined. After you are happy with your new look Nadine will ensure to leave no hair behind leaving your home exactly how she found it.

We are delighted to be helping people stay at home and avoid crowded spaces, which will help in preventing the spread of Covid-19. So stay at home, and let Ucut come to you. If the available days do not suit you be sure to contact us and let us know. With your help we will continue to grow and in the future be able to offer our services on demand. Be quick to get a spot below.

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