Meet the Ucut Pros

Meet the Ucut Pros

We are delighted with our team of open minded barbers helping us revolutionise the industry. We decided to write this blog to give them the introduction they deserve. Currently we have barbers in Dublin, Cavan and Roscommon. For any of you potential Ucut Pros, we can operate in any part of the country so don’t hesitate to send in an application. Ucut aims to put quality first, and we believe in our group of  barbers to deliver just that. Have a look below.



Nadine Claffey

You only have to look at Nadine’s gallery to see how talented she is. Nadine has a great personality and work ethic, the perfect combination for a Ucut Pro. Take a loot at her profile: https://ucut.ie/member/nadine-claffey/

Jack Murphy

Jack is a barber with a wonderful skill set, he is a multicultural stylist and has no limits on what looks he can create. Jack knows how to understand his clients requests. Take a look at his profile: https://ucut.ie/member/jack-murphy-aka-jaqcutz/

RJ Baylon

Our most recent addition, we couldn’t be more excited to announce this guy. RJ is a self taught barber with a bright future in the industry. He found his passion while cutting his brothers hair, and hasn’t looked back since. Check out his previous work and be ready to book him very soon. Take a look at his profile: https://ucut.ie/member/rj-baylon/ 

Rj's portfolioRj's portfolio

John McDonnell

Last but not least. John is still undergoing his education but due to his quality and future potential we were more than happy to have him on board. John is also very passionate about the industry and is excited to progress his career. Take a look at his profile: https://ucut.ie/member/john-mc-donnell/

Johns previous cutsJohns previous cuts




Andrew Kelly

Andrew was our first Pro to join and one of our most experienced. He is regarded as one of the top barbers in his region and is currently a senior stylist at a top class barbershop in Cavan. We can’t wait to see Andrew in action when we launch. Take a look at his profile: https://ucut.ie/member/andrew-kelly/




Diarmuid McGann

Diarmuid was trained by the great Notorious barbers in Athlone. He loves cutting hair and is a real people person making him a perfect fit as a Ucut Pro. Diarmuid is well experienced and has an excellent skill set. Take a look at his profile:  https://ucut.ie/member/diarmuid-mcgann/


Ucut will be ready for bookings very very soon so stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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