How To Determine Your Face Shape in 5 Quick Steps

Man getting a haircut

How To Determine Your Face Shape in 5 Quick Steps

Have you ever seen a haircut on Instagram, took a screenshot of it and asked your barber to replicate it? Only to end up with a haircut that looks completely different on you from what it did on the lad in the snap. The reason for that is most likely because that fella has a different face shape to you. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but the first thing you need to do when choosing your trim is determine your face shape.

There are an endless amount of different ways to do this, so we went digging through the online dirt and curated them into 5 quick steps. After reading this blog, move on to the next one and we will run through the types of hairstyles that generally suit each face shape and hair type.

There are 7 main face shapes

1 Square

2 Rectangular

3 Oval

4 Round

5 Diamond

6 Heart

7 Triangle

5 Easy Steps To Learn Your Face Shape

Step 1: The right tools:

You will need a tailors measuring tape and a notepad to write down your measurements as you go.

Why a tailors tape measure? Try this with a builders one and see how you get on.

The next steps are the parts of your face you need to measure, to guide you we have added images outlining where to put the tape.

Step 2: Measure your forehead:

Place the tape at the widest measurement, which is usually halfway between your hairline and your eyebrows.

Measure your forehead

Step 3: Measure your cheekbone width:

Start at the outer corner of your eye, which will be the highest point of your cheekbone, to the other side.

Measuring your cheekbones

Step 4: Measure your Jawline:

Start from the centre of your chin and go as far as where your jawline starts to angle up toward your ear lobe. To account for the other side, times that number by two.

Measuring your jawline

Step 5: Measure the length of your face:

Start at the centre of your hairline and then down to the centre of your chin.

Measure face length

So, now you have your measurements, it’s time to determine your face shape. But before you do that, some of you may fit into two or even more categories, don’t panic wait until the end and I will explain in more detail.

Read on to find your face shape/s.

Square Face

This is if all your measurements are similar, give or take half an inch.


If the length of your face is the longest measurement and your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are similar in size, again, give or take half an inch.


If your face length is greater than the width of your cheekbones and your forehead is greater than the width of your jawline.


You have a round face if your face length is equal to the width of your cheekbones. Those two measurements are going to be larger than your forehead and jawline which should be similar in size.


If you are a diamond shape your largest measurement is your face length, the width of your cheekbone is the second largest. Your forehead will be slightly smaller and the smallest will be your jawline. You most likely have a pointy chin.


Your forehead is the largest, the measurements then go in descending order from your cheekbone to your jawline.


Im sure you can imagine that the jawline is the largest here and then the cheekbones will be larger than the forehead.


As I mentioned earlier, you may find that you fit into more than one of these categories. That’s normal, people can be a mix of face shapes. If this is you, it can mean you will actually have more options in hairstyles.

If you are still unsure what face shape/s you are:

Get in Touch For Help Determining Your Face Shape

Enter you measurements and email address and Ucut will help you pin down what face shape category suits you best to help you choose a hairstyle that suits you

If you’re confident that you now know your face shape, stay tuned for our next blog on haircuts for each face shape.