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Ucut is tailored to help freelance hair stylists maximise earnings while minimising stress.


Let us handle the stress, you do what you do best!

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How do we do it?

We focus on the two most important parts of your business, your current clients and your potential future clients. We nurture the relationship you have with your current clients and give you the opportunity to build trust with potential new ones, we understand that relationships are all about trust, especially the stylist and client relationship.

Nurturing your relationship with your client base:

  1. We give your clients an easy but alternative way for them to book you, with two calendars, one for your mobile services and one stationary services. By stationary we mean your home shop or rented chair.
  2. We then smoothen the process for you and ensure no mistakes by organising all your bookings onto your own personal pre set up Google calendar. All you need to do is download the Google calendar app and watch the bookings come in.
  3. We take control of your email marketing to keep you at the forefront of your clients minds.

Building on your client base:

  1. Allow your current clients to review and rate your services, this can be displayed on your own personalised profile and will be viewed by browsers on the Ucut website. Gain trust with our website traffic and give yourself the best chance to add them to your loyal client base.
  2. Use our promotion tools, such as group discounts for your mobile services and discount codes for flash sales.
  3. Our SEO and marketing services give you the opportunity to find these new clients.

How do I start?


Step 1

To create a profile, simply fill out the form below and we will have it ready within a few hours.

Step 2

Download the google calendar app, then sign in with the log in details provided by us.

Step 3

Inform your clients and let us do the rest.

Be your own boss, enjoy the freedom and let us fill your schedule. Free sign up for a limited time

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