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Ucut is a service that provides haircuts wherever you need them. We are working on building a team of Ucut hair professionals across the country.

Ucut was founded out of a crave for a convenience that is missing. Our founder wondered, why getting haircuts delivered is so uncommon? We believe it shouldn’t be, so we are building a movement of open-minded people who want to change the status quo and build a new norm in the hairdressing industry. A movement made up of Ucut Pros and Ucut Members alike. As a Ucut Pro you will have the freedom of being your own boss, you make all of the decisions and take home more commission than ever before. Being a Ucut member will give you the power to decide not only when but where you get your haircut. So join the movement, it’s a better way.

barber shaves a bearded man in vintage atmosphere

How It Works

We are revolutionising hairdressing in Ireland! Ucut will be promoting freelance barbers who provide in home or office haircuts delivered. A member will choose the service they require, pick the Pro that suits and request a booking. Bookings will have to be confirmed by the Pro themselves. The member can choose to pay online or in cash. We will send reminder emails for every booking and a detailed run through of the process for first time members.

Be your own boss, enjoy the freedom and let us fill your schedule

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So sign up here or email us at info@ucut.ie